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'NUKE'... Two tracks one journey!
A deep dive into Konkret's techno definition. 
Dj Konkret BIO

I’m  a  Progressive / Deep House - Techno  music Dj / Producer. Miami-based.

I produce music for underground and  mainstream  Artists. I’m  the owner of Underfull Label and throw a sick party called Revival. I make people feel the freedom of dancing to the fullest! My goal is to be able to create great experiences on people through my music.


Why that name?

Since I started this career back in 2005 I was very confident about the music I was getting into for performance and production, I had my visualization as an Artist very well defined. My artistic idea was concrete as it is today, so I added my  personal  'double K-and-no-E at the end' sauce to my aka as distinctive ID.

Ambassador of his own style; Atmospheric sessions with a main steady grooving techno line which creates and keep the dance floor fire vibing from beginning to end.

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